PT Sapta Reksa Utama(SRU) is your right partner when you need to design, construct or maintain your factory and premises in Indonesia. We provide engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance Services.

Through maximizing quality achievement, minimizing work schedule and striving for cost efficiency PT Sapta Reksa Utama provides you with first class services to solve your problems in our area of expertise. PT Sapta Reksa Utama develops core competency as well as providing the best human resources in this business.

PT Sapta Reksa Utama manages various engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance services activities such as;

  • Wide range of piping works, from pipeline construction work to special piping material supply to hot tapping;
  • Factories and plants periodic turn around, revamping and de-bottlenecking;
  • All mechanical work including erection work and maintenance services of static and dynamic equipments;
  • Buildings & houses construction and maintenance,
  • Telecommunication towers;
  • Petrol stations;
  • Civil foundations and structural steel work;
  • Control system comprises of electrical and instrumentation work;
  • Furniture and interior design;
  • Power generator provider.